Lies–More Lies & Damn Lies

Treason at the Highest Levels

July 6 1929

DJ 344 RR 168 UT 115


Andrew Mellon

Secretary of the Treasury, Andrew Mellon arrived in New York as part of his vacation. Normally, Mellon took his vacations abroad.  In 1929, well aware of the darkening financial clouds that were gathering on the horizon, Mellon stayed very cloe to home.

While in New York, he stayed at the Biltmore Hotel. Mr. Mellon asked to be excused from answering any rewspaper reporter’s questions about his meetings there.

Biltmore Hotel, New York City

He departed New York, September 7 to go to the Pittsburgh headquarters of his family institution, Mellon Bank, one of the nation’s largest financial institutions – in the USA – at the time.
Andrew Mellon served as Secretary of the Treasury under presidents Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover.
The Mellon family was the wealthiest family in the USA at the turn of the 20th. century.
As Mellon bank statements for 1928 and 1933 confirm, Mellon
weathered the choppy seas of the financial typhoon without
having to batten down the hatches.
12 months 1928
12 months 1933
Total Resources
U.S. bonds
Cash & Exch
(in millions)
While thousands of other banks were being liquidated and forced out of business, Secretary Mellon’s bank was doing quite handsomely, as did the Secretary of the Treasury himself.
Mellon’s vast wealth continued to skyrocket even after his death in 1937. It eventually grew into the behemoth banking enterprise it is today and remians centered in Pittsburgh with over $30 billion dollars in assets. A visit to downtown Pittsburgh quickly reminds even the most casual of observers, the awesome power Mellon’s bank still yields.

Mellon Bank, Pittsburgh

Mellon’s financial interest grew to include and control Gulf Oil Corporation, Alcoa Corporation, and numerous other American corporations. Mellon’s agents also gained access to the seats on the boards of numerous Fortune 500 companies.

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